Terms and conditions

The user of the ADT service is a person, who pays a monthly fee for full access to the system. The user is entitled:

  • to use the system without any restriction
  • to search the database, to display the data
  • to save the pages on his/her computer and print them
  • share the password with his/her houshold

It is forbidden:

  • to share the password with third party, he/she has to use the password confidentially. If it is published it is compulsory to change it
  • to share the saved data with third party

OTP Simple - Data transfer agreement

By clicking the Redirect button the Customer accepts Arcanum Adatbázis Kft (1112, Budapest, Igmándi utca 40.) at http://adtplus.arcanum.hu to provide the following personal data stored in its user database to OTP Mobile Ltd. (1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 30.) Provided data: username, family name, given name, country, phone number, e-mail address. The purpose of data transmission: customer fraud-monitoring for users defence.


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