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Arcanum Digitheca (ADT) is the premium service of Arcanum Database Ltd. which ensures access and search options to the most important printed resources of our history (scientific and professional journals, weekly and daily newspapers, encyclopedias and thematic book collections). During continuous processing an important goal is to process all the years, periods and pages of a given journal. The digitization conception of the documents is supported by a large number of public collections by providing content, while the digitization work and processing are entirely handled by ARCANUM.

Search and browse between multi-million pages text files and table of contents and display the results for free of charge. To display and read the whole document a subscription is required. Subscribers have furthermore the option for limited download, which contains maximum 50 pages per session. The available subscription periods are: 1 day, 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. To download a single page or a single journal is not possible.

We recommend this database to anyone who performs deeper research work in our history, whether in special journals or in everyday newspapers. The full-text search function opens up new perspectives for all the interested persons: all the words, expressions, person and place names of the documents can be searched easily and quickly. The researcher evaluates the resources and draws conclusions faster than ever.

ARCANUM occasionally provides free access to the database for promotional purposes. This is available only for registered users.

For what purposes can you use ADT?

Nowadays the practice of acquiring information is completely changing. We are searching on the Internet and also education and scientific research offer more and more opportunities for online information gathering. We have created and developed the Arcanum Digitheca with the aim of getting access to as many historical sources and scientific publications easily and quickly as possible through a single channel. The following examples show some typical search topics:

  • family tree research
  • search for a concrete person
  • local history research
  • happenings on a special day many years before (e.g. on your birthday)
  • search for a concept from reliable source
  • looking for sources for an event description
  • looking for sources on a special topic evaluated by others in the past
  • search for scientific articles for studies

 What are the advantages of using ADT?

  • Access content from anywhere at any time
  • You do not have to go from library to library
  • You can search the entire text not just the bibliography. Experience more and you may found new information that were not known so far
  • Search online in daily newspapers and journals. It is easier to find something as in a traditional library
  • You will be able to see and easily read the full literature of a topic so you can start a basic research independently. You will better know how to start your dissertation and what kind of professional literature is needed for.
  • Save and copy the important parts of a text with their precise references simply and quickly

ADT access points

You do not have to subscribe if you use Arcanum Digitheca in any of the institutions on the map.
Contact your institution for more details!


What does the database contain?

Specialized book collections and directories for local and family history research

ADT is the starting point for all Hungarian family research projects. You will find here all the major family history monographs, series, periodicals and documents, with the many titles, addresses and contact lists. If all this would not be enough, you can search for many daily and weekly papers from the middle of the 19th century to the present. Almost everybody will find some reference to its ancestor maybe in the obituary or in some ads.

Newspapers and daily press of the past 150 years in sport, politics and personal stories

The press products are the most accurate impression of the events of the modern era. The nearly 5 million pages of daily and weekly newspapers offer you an opportunity to reconstruct the events of the past 150 years. Search for names, locations, dates, events from sport to politics to education.

Encyclopedias for learning and everyday life

There are many trusted, high-quality articles to find in our database with million words available to help you finding a single search for your question. From spelling to word interpreting, from art to biographical, literary and ethnographical themes everything is covered in a simple and fast searchable collection. As search is possible in the full text the database can add much more information than a traditional book-based encyclopedia. The topics can be interpreted from more articles of different encyclopedias at the same time.

Scientific journals for education and research

In ADT you can search in the full text of all kind of journals, so you have the opportunity to have convenient access to the articles that are essential for your studies or research. You can simply highlight and save the desired text. The complex search engine will find much more information and relevant research than in a traditional library bibliographic database. There are more than 400 journals available in history, literature, art, pedagogy, law, engineering, nature or medicine.

Interested? Let's subscribe now!

The first step of ensuring access to our database is to fill in a registration. After entering your e-mail adress, user name and password, you will have to confirm the registraion by clicking the link we send you by e-mail. 

The payment is possible by credit card. We will send you the electronic invoice by e-mail. If you prefer other payment methods please contact us!