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if your browser is Google Chrome and you are willing to use our online databases, you might come up against a technical problem. Because of Chrome's operating functions (that were recently changed), the pictures might not come up (the so-called AAGISView programme will not appear), but in this case please type into the browser chrome://plugins/ and under the AAGISView link check the "Always allowed" check-in box.


The Arcanum Science Digital Library Plus service has been started!

ADT+, http://adtplus.arcanum.hu/en/

The ADT consists of the most important weekly- and daily published Hungarian papers and newspapers, encyclopaedias, scientifical studies, technical books specialized on World War I, genealogy and regimental history. Although the current size of the ADT reached 6 million pages, the database is under continuous improvement and expansion. In order to get acquinted with our Digital Library, you can take a look at the table of contents free of charge, moreover, you can search for words among the text in order to see how much use you could get of the ADT, how relevant are the informations related to your searching domain.

Registration and subscription is required only for the complete view of the contents. The subscription fee is 5000 HUF/ individuals/ month. For this price you can browse among our digital contents for a whole month without any restraints and what is even better, you can download these materials. The only restriction is, that you can dowload only 25 pages/ session.

How to subscribe?

  • 1. The registration is free: you create an account on:

    ADT+, http://adtplus.arcanum.hu/en/accounts/register/

  • 2. You will receive a confirmation email according to which you can activate your account.
  • 3. As an active user you can decide for how many months you wish to subscribe for the ADT
  • 4. After you pay, the receipt is sent automatically to your email address. By loging in into your account, you can check how many days are left from your subscription, when does it expire and how can you prolong it.
  • 5. Without reference to your subscription to the ADT, you can browse without restrictions among the charge free contents.

As a subscriber, you have the possibility to buy the ADT contents on DVD-discs or on a pendrive at half price (20.000 HUF instead of 40.000 HUF)

Detailed information:
E-mail: biszak@upcmail.hu


ADT Plus available to institutions as well

Starting with 15th September 2014, our online application called ADT Plus is available to institutions as well.(ADT+, http://adtplus.arcanum.hu/en/)Browsing is free of charge (vide supra), but in order to see the whole content, you need a registration and a subscription. The latter works with an IP address locator and ADT will be available for all the computers in that certain network having the same IP address.

Institutes can subscribe at least for a year. During this time browsing has no restrictions.

  • 1st category: „Single Human” institutes (e.g. rural and municipal libraries):
    gross 6.350 HUF/ month
  • 2nd category: townlet and city institutions (e.g.urban/city libraries and museums, church libraries and archives):gross 12.700 HUF/month
  • 3rd category: county institutes (e.g. county libraries, archives and museums):
    gross 24.500 HUF/month
  • 4th category: national institutes: special offer

The pay works via bank transfer.

Detailed information:
E-mail: biszak@upcmail.hu


MAPIRE.EU has been updated

ARCANUM updated our well-known website, http://mapire.eu (Historical Maps of Habsburg Empire). We published new maps and we have made serious development in software.

The most important new contents and features:

  • We publish the First Military Survey which was made in 18th century. It is almost 100 years older, than the 2nd survey, so we can see much more older landscape, buiding, etc. For example in Hungary it was made before the water control, so we can inverstigate the old stream and old water bed.
    In this time the geodetic system was not accurate, so we had to improve the accuracy of the georeferencing. We used GCP method (to find same point in old and in the new maps) so we improved the accuracy. It is surprise to us, that in some territory (e.g. Austrian Netherland) the improvemnet was very succesful (we acheved 150-200 ms), but in some cases (e.g. Mahren) it was unsuccesful (accuracy 500-600 m). It is consequency of the inaccurate old survey.
  • We improved the quality of the 2nd Survey images, the new georeferencing was made from the uncompressed TIFFs, so we have better result. We increased the territory, we found and we digitized the territory of Valachia in Kriegsarchiv in Vienna (same time, same style and geodetic system) so this territory fit in perfect way to the 2nd survey.
  • We started to publish the Cadastral maps of Hungary and Croatia. We plan to publish one mosaic for whole territory. Now we publish only the perfect Hungarian counties (Győr-Moson-Sopron, Vas, Veszprém), but we will continuously publish everything we have.
    In Cadastral maps we have very detailed and accurate (10-15m) settlement borders and county borders from them and we can see the old name of the settlements.
  • We published the Third Military Survey for Hungarian Kingdom (1:25.000 with Transylvania and Croatia), and the whole Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (1:75.000, printed including Bosnia). Unfortunately the 1:25.000 colored, manuscrpits sheets disappeared, only 200 sheets survived, we have only black and white copies from the other 1300.
  • We published 30 beautiful, old maps (2500 sheets) of Budapest (treasured in City Archives of Budapest). With this very old and very detailed maps we can follow the changing and growing of the capital city of Hungary from 18th century until 20th century.
  • We improved the software: - we can see everything in 3D (military survey, Cadastral maps and Budapest maps also) - in synchronized mode we can compare the maps in two windows - we have better overview in the open page

Panoramic Photoscan

New technology available at Arcanum!

We have the capability for high resolution, two-dimensional digitization of almost any kind of objects regardless to its size including maps, plans, paintings, statues, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!