Digitizing is our work, vocation, passion.



Premium The largest Hungarian database containing scientific journals, encyclopedias, newpapers and series. Completeness is essential, we digitize every year, every volume, every number and we check page by page the documents. Search these millions of pages and browse the entire table of contents for free. Subcription is necessary to see the documents themselves.

The purpose of the Hungaricana project is to share Hungarian cultural heritage including contents that have never been accessible before. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone, whether professional or amateur, can explore Hungary's, or even their own history and culture in a clean and efficient way.

Mapire enables the user to navigate historical maps using modern in-browser technologies including three dimensional visualization. The main goal is to create an international collaboration to make more and more contents available to the world in a common interface using latest GIS features.


Book digitization

Document digitization

Historical maps

Art reproduction


After 25 years and 30 million pages of online documents we are proud to offer you our advanced problem solving skills, innovative, market-leading devices and software environment.

Project planning, digitization, database building, publishing and content services all in one hand.

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